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Becker Brewery

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Becker Brewery

Table of Contents

Collection Overview

Collection Inventory+/-

Content Description

Collection Use

Administrative Information


Collection Overview +/-

Title: Becker Brewery
Dates: 1895-1917 (inclusive)
Collection Number: MS 054
Summary: This collection contains receipts and correspondence pertaining to Becker Brewery. The files are in alphabetical order by company or individual.
Repository: Stewart Library Special Collections
Weber State University
2901 University Circle
Ogden UT 84408

Collection Inventory +/-

Box 1: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 0 The 20th Century Machinery

Fd 0a 30,000 Population Club

Fd 1 A. Gusmer, Inc.

Fd 1a A. Fisher Brewing Company

Fd 2 A. Kuhn and Bro.

Fd 3 A. L. Brewer Dairy Supply Co.

Fd 4 The A. L. Scoville Press

Fd 4a A. Magnus Sons Co.

Fd 4b Adams and Jewell

Fd 5 Adams Express Company, Dr.

Fd 5a Adamson, Wild & Co.

Fd 6 Advertising

Fd 6a Albany Hotel

Fd 7 The Alhambra Publishing Company

Fd 8 Allen Transfer Company

Fd 9 Allison, E.M., Jr.

Fd 9a Alta Club

Fd 10 Amalgamated Sugar Company

Fd 10a The American Art Works

Fd 11 American Carbonic Acid Gas Co.

Fd 12 American Credit Indemnity Co.

Fd 13 American District Telegraph Co., Dr.

Fd 14 American Express Company

Fd 15 American Linen Company

Fd 16 Anderson, A. J., Contractor and Builder\

Fd 17 Anderson and Langlois, Walk-Over Boot Shop, Dr.

Fd 18 Anderson and Larsen Co.

Fd 18a Anderson, P. E.

Fd 19 Anderson, P.L., Hay, Grain, Flour & Poultry

Fd 20 Anderson, W.L., Sign Writer

Fd 21 Anderson, W.H., Hay, Grain, & Poultry

Fd 21a Andrea, Percy

Fd 22 Anheuser-Busch, Brewing Association

Fd 22a The Arabol Manufacturing Co.

Fd 22b Armstrong Cork Co.

Fd 23 Arnold, John

Fd 23a Asael Farr Coal Company

Fd 24 Astill, W.T. , Flour, Hay, Grain & Poultry

Fd 25 Auth, E., Fire Insurance Agent

Fd 26 Automobile Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut

Fd 27 B. B. and M. Co.

Fd 28 B. C. Morris Floral Company

Fd 29 Badcon Pharmacy, A. R. McIntyre

Fd 30 Badcon, S. W., M. D., Prescription Druggist

Fd 31 Badcon and Thurwood

Fd 32 Badger Coal & Lumber Co.

Fd 33 Baker, George W., M.D.

Fd 33a Bamberger Coal Co.

Fd 34 Bamberger Electric Railroad

Fd 35 Barron G. Collier Incorporated

Fd 36 Barrows Farm

Fd 37 Barrows Grocery Co.

Fd 37a Bastian Bros. Co.

Fd 37b Beach, O. D.

Fd 38 Bear River Canal Company

Fd 39 Bear River Club Company

Fd 40 Bear River Irrigation and Ogden Water Works Co., Dr.

Fd 41 Becker, Albert E.

Fd 42 Becker Brewing and Malting Co., Misc.

Fd 42a Becker Brewing and Malting Co., Misc.

Fd 42b Becker Brewing and Malting Co., Misc.

Fd 43 Becker, G.L.

Fd 44 Becker Memorabilia

Box 2: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Becraft, L.H., Bicycles and Sporting Goods

Fd 2 Bedford, C.A., Hardware, Stoves, and Ranges

Fd 3 Beghtol, C.A., Wholesale and Retail Jeweler

Fd 4 The Benedict Warehouse and Transfer Co.

Fd 4a Best V. Co., Dr.

Fd 5 Bell, J.J., Painter and Paperhanger, Paper Cleaning

Fd 6 Big 4 Advertising Co., Dr.

Fd 7 Bingham, Jas M.

Fd 7a The Bishop- Babcock- Becker Co.

Fd 7b Black, C. A.

Fd 8 Blackman and Griffin Co.

Fd 9 The Blair Livery

Fd 10 Block, Henry; Rizzo

Fd 10a Blyth-Fargo Company

Fd 11 Bohn, C. E.

Fd 12 Bohn, G.N., House wiring and General Electric Repair

Fd 13 Borden and Selleck Co., Western Agents

Fd 13a Bosone, Peter

Fd 14 Boston Meat Market, A. E. Weatherby

Fd 15 Boyd’s City Dispatch

Fd 16 Boyle Furniture Company

Fd 17 Boyle Hardware Company

Fd 17a The Bradstreet Co.

Fd 18 Bramwell Book and Stationery

Fd 19 Bratz, E. F., Fire Insurance, Real Estate, and Loans

Fd 20 Brewer, A. L., Wholesale Fruits and Produce

Fd 21 Brick, S.L., M.D.

Fd 22 Brigham City Liquor Co.

Fd 22a Bromley, W. J.

Fd 23 Broom Hotel

Fd 23a Brown and Bigelow

Fd 24 Brown, T.G., General Merchandise

Fd 25 Brown, T. W.

Fd 26 Browning Automobile and Supply Co.

Fd 27 The Browning Bros. Co., Dr.

Fd 28 Browning, J. M. and M. S.

Fd 29 The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co

Fd 30 Bucher, Louis J., Brickmaker and Contractor

Fd 31 Buchmiller and Flower Co.

Fd 31a Buchmiller, E.

Fd 31b Buffet Saloon

Fd 32 Bune, James, Horse Shoeing

Fd 32a Burgess

Fd 33 Burnett and Dee, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable

Fd 33a Burroughs Adding Machine Company

Fd 34 Burton Implement Co.

Fd 35 Buswell, W. L., Jeweler

Fd 36 C. A. Smurthwaite Produce Co.

Fd 37 C. A. Stallings and Son

Fd 38 C. F. Dinsmore and Company, Mr. C. F. Dinsmore

Fd 39 C. F. Krauch and Son

Fd 40 C. H. Greenwell and Sons

Fd 41 C. J. Burke and Sons, General Merchandise

Fd 42 C. W. Cross Co.

Box 3: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 0 Cahoon-Maxfield Irrigation Co. Fd 1 Callaway, Hoock and Francis, Importers and Jobbers

Fd 2 Calvert and Leek, Dr., Brickmakers, Contractors and Builders

Fd 3 Cannon, L. G.

Fd 4 Cannon, John M. Esq.

Fd 5 Care Bear River Club Co., V. F. Davis

Fd 6 Carlson, J.

Fd 7 Carr, John C.

Fd 8 Carr, T. H., Druggist

Fd 8a The Carter

Fd 8b Cash Grocery

Fd 9 The Cash Meat Market, Ballard and Bellnap

Fd 10 The Cash Meat Market, Ballard and Ebeling

Fd 11 The Cash Meat Market, Ballad and Kincker, Ball and Ebeling

Fd 12 Castle Gate Coal Company

Fd 13 Central Carriage Works, Dr.

Fd 14 Central Carriage Works Paint Shop

Fd 15 Central Horse Shoeing Shop

Fd 16 Central Hotel

Fd 16a Central Milling Co.

Fd 17 Chambers, Alma D., Treasurer of Weber County

Fd 17a Chambers, John C.

Fd 18 Charles L. Kiewart Co

Fd 19 Chas. C. Moore and Co., Engineers

Fd 20 Chas. Ehlermann Hop and Malt Co.

Fd 21 Chas. Tillotson, Chas. Tillotson and Sons

Fd 22 Cheesman Automobile Co.

Fd 22a Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Company

Fd 22b Chicago, North Western Railway Co., Dr.

Fd 23 Chicago White Packer Co.

Fd 23a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Fd 24 Christiansen, N. C.

Fd 24a City Feed Store

Fd 25 City Floral Company

Fd 26 City Greenhouse Company, The City Greenhouse

Fd 27 City Recorder

Fd 28 City Recorder’s Office, Edward H. Anderson

Fd 29 City Transfer

Fd 30 City Treasurer’s Office

Fd 30a Cohen, H.

Fd 30b College Grocery

Fd 31 Columbia Club Cigar Co.

Fd 31a Colvin, Reece and Co.

Fd 32 The Commercial Electric Co.

Fd 33 Commercial National Bank

Fd 33a Commercial Security Bank

Fd 34 Commercial Union Assurance Co., Ltd., J.M. Forristall, Agent

Fd 35 Community Rubber Co.

Fd 35a Confectionery and Gun Store

Fd 36 Connor, M.D.

Fd 37 Conray, E. M., M. D.

Fd 38 Consolidated Wagon and Machine Co. (1902 - 1908)

Fd 39 Consolidated Wagon and Machine Co. (1909 - 1913)

Fd 40 Consumers Coal Co.

Box 4: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 The Continental Insurance Company of New York

Fd 1a Co-operative Drug Co.

Fd 2 Corey Bros. Construction Co.

Fd 3 Corey’s Livery and Feed Stable

Fd 4 Corinne Commercial and Improvement Club

Fd 5 Corn Product Sales Company

Fd 5a Corn Products Refining Company

Fd 6 Correspondence

Fd 6a Cottrell Power House Readings

Fd 7 Coulter, C. E., M. D.

Fd 8 County Assessor, Davis County, John E. Wooley

Fd 9 County Assessor, Weber County Edwin Dix

Fd 10 County Clerk

Fd 11 County Clerk, Weber County, S. G. Dye

Fd 12 County Recorder’s Office, Weber County

Fd 13 Coutts, J. D., M. D., Veterinary Surgeon

Fd 14 Craven, H. J.

Fd 15 Crescent Jewelry Company

Fd 16 Crezee, John, Painter and Paperhanger

Fd 17 Critchlow, W. J., Sr.

Fd 18 Crosbie and Smith

Fd 19 Cross, George E.

Fd 20 Cross Harness Co.

Fd 21 Crystal Hand Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co.

Fd 22 The Culley Drug Co.

Fd 23 Cutler, F. H.

Fd 24 D. H. Perry Estate, Incorporated

Fd 25 D. K. Stuart and Co., Dr.

Fd 26 The Daily State Journal

Fd 27 Dallimore, W. J., Licensed Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter

Fd 28 Dalrymple, W. G., D.D.S

Fd 28a Davenport Malt and Grain Co.

Fd 29 Davidson, Max, The Columbia Club Cigar Manufacturer

Fd 30 Davis Duck Camp, V. F. Davis

Fd 31 The Dee Stanford Shoe Co.

Fd 32 The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Co.

Fd 33 Depot Saloon, Ben Pearson

Fd 34 The Dew Drop Inn

Fd 35 Devil’s Slide Country Club

Fd 36 Dickson, G. A., Dr.

Fd 37 Direct Livery and Boarding Stable, J. M. Graham

Fd 38 District Court of the Second Judicial District

Fd 39 Doraw, W. C., Dr., M.D.

Fd 40 Doyle and Halverson

Fd 41 Doyle, William, Contractor and Manufacturer of Cement Work

Fd 42 Drake, F. J., Dr. and F. Parker, Veterinary Surgeon

Box 5: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 E. A. Buckley Advertising Agency

Fd 2 Eccles Lumber Co. (1895 - 1903)

Fd 3 Eccles Lumber Co. (1903 - 1906)

Fd 4 Eccles Lumber Co. (1907 - 1913)

Fd 5 Eccles Lumber Co. (1913- misc.)

Fd 6 Edgar Jones Co.

Fd 7 Edward Ermold Co.

Fd 8 Electric Service Co.

Box 6: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 The Electric Supply and Fixture Co.

Fd 2 Elite Café

Fd 3 Elite Cleaning Company

Fd 4 Elks Program

Fd 5 Ellerbeck, J. O., Practical Horseshoer

Fd 6 Ellis, John G., General Contractor

Fd 6a El Monte Commandery

Fd 7 Emmerson, A. E.

Fd 8 Emerson, A. J., Dealer in Flour, Feed, Grain, Produce

Fd 9 Emmett’s Blacksmith Shop, Emmett and Nielsen Blacksmiths

Fd 10 Enterprise Clay Works, Dr.

Fd 11 Enterprise Meat Market

Fd 11a The Ephraim Emterprise

Fd 12 Erickson Bros.

Fd 13 Erickson, James, Wagon Repairing and Carriage Works

Fd 14 Erickson, N. C., Blacksmith

Fd 15 Ernstrom, P., Practical Horseshoer

Fd 16 Hotel Evanston

Fd 17 Everett Livery, Feed and Sale Stable

Fd 18 F. H. Rolapp and Company

Fd 18a F. S. Johnson and Company

Fd 19 Falstaff Café

Fd 20 Farley, A. C.

Fd 20a Farley, D. K.

Fd 21 Farley and Emmett, Farley and Kranz, Practical Blacksmithing and Horseshoing

Fd 22 Farley Brothers, Dr.

Fd 23 Farr and Badger

Fd 24 Farr, Lorin

Fd 25 Farr and Miller

Fd 26 Farr Bros.

Fd 27 Farr Coal and Ice Co.

Fd 28 Farr Lime Company

Fd 29 Farrell, H. C., Hay, Grain, and Flour

Fd 30 Fernlund, A.

Fd 31 The First National Bank of Ogden

Fd 31a First Security Bank

Fd 32 Firth, J. W.

Fd 33 Fisher, C. E., Dr., Groceries

Box 7: Correspondence/Receipts (unknown)

Fd 1 Flewelling Building Co.

Fd 2 The Flower Shop

Fd 3 Foley, Thomas C., Wholesale Wines and Liquors

Fd 4 Forbes, H. B., M.D.

Fd 5 Forham, Steve J.

Fd 6 Forristall, J. M., Dr., Insurance

Fd 7 Foster and Hobson

Fd 8 Foulger and Sons.

Fd 8a Fouts, F.

Fd 9 Fowler, Mrs. I. H.

Fd 10 Fox, Hugh F.

Fd 10a Frampton, C.

Fd 11 Fraternal Order of Eagles, Ogden Aerie 118

Fd 12 Fred F. Sanborn and Co.

Fd 13 Fred J. Kiesel and Co.

Fd 14 Fred M. Nye Co.

Fd 15 Freeman, T. W.

Fd 16 G. A. Barry and Company

Fd 17 G. H. Tribe and Co.

Fd 17a G. W. Todd and Company

Fd 18 Gaisford and Dean Coal Yard

Fd 19 Galpin and McClure

Fd 19a Garland Billiard and Soft Drink Parlor

Fd 20 The Garlock Packing Co,

Fd 21 Gavros Grocery Company

Fd 21a General Glass Company

Fd 22 Geo. A. Lowe (1894 - April 1901)

Box 8: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Geo. A. Lowe Company (May 1901 - 1904) Fd 2 Geo. A. Lowe Company (1905 - 1915)

Fd 3 Geo. A. Lowe Company (January 1916 - August 1916)

Fd 4 Geo. A. Lowe Company (September 1916 - June 1917)

Box 9: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Geo. A. Lowe Company (July 1917- Misc.)

Fd 2 Geo. A. Whitmmeyer and Sons, Dr., Contractors and Builders

Fd 3 Geo. H. Tribe Investment Company, Inc.

Fd 4 Geo. J. Fritz Foundry and Machine Co.

Fd 5 Geo, M. Scott-Strevelll Hardware Co.

Fd 6 Gibson, Lee

Fd 7 Filles, Mathias, General Contractor and Builder

Fd 8 Glen Bros. Piano Co.

Fd 9 Glenwood Park

Fd 10 Goddard, B. H., Dr., General Insurance Agent

Fd 11 Goddard Bros., Insurance, Loans, Real Estate

Fd 11a Goetz Co.

Fd 11b Golden Rule Store

Fd 12 Goob, Gustav L.

Fd 12a Gordon, J. A.

Fd 13 Gordon, J. S., M.D.

Fd 14 Grace, George M., Tar and Pitch

Fd 15 Grand Opera House Program Co.

Fd 16 Grant Market

Fd 17 Graves, G. A., Architect

Fd 18 Graves, Geo. G.

Fd 19 Green, J. W.

Fd 20 Green River Lumber and Supply Yards

Fd 21 Greenband Hide and Fur Co.

Fd 22 The Greenwald Furniture Co., Wholesale and Retail

Fd 23 Griffen Paint Co.

Fd 24 Griffen, S. J.

Fd 25 Grout, Charles F.

Fd 26 Gurney Cab and Transfer Company

Fd 27 H. Bateman and Co., Excavating, Cement, and Stone Work

Fd 28 H. C. Hansen and Son

Fd 29 The H. L. Griffen Co.

Fd 30 Hansen Bicycle Hooks

Fd 31 Hansen Livestock and Feeding Co.

Fd 31a Hall, A. W.

Fd 32 Halverson Brothers

Fd 33 Harris Grocery Co.

Fd 34 Harrisville Dairy and Creamery

Fd 35 The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company

Fd 36 Hartoz, J. Den

Fd 37 Hatten Realty Co.

Box 10: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Hendershot, F. J., Florist

Fd 2 Henderson, H. H.

Fd 3 Hendrie and Stephens

Fd 3a Hepner’s Rabbitry

Fd 4 Heritage, Chas. H. (correspondence)

Fd 4a Herrman and Co.

Fd 5 Hess, Biscuit and Bread Co.

Fd 6 Hestmark, A. T., Printer and Bookbinder

Fd 7 Hestmark and Wilcox, Printers

Fd 8 Hetzel, Clarence C., M.D.

Fd 9 Hewitt Transfer

Fd 10 Heywood, Abbot R.

Fd 11 Higgins and Ambrose

Fd 12 Hillman, J. C.

Fd 13 Hodgson, Leslie S., Architect

Fd 14 Hodson, Wm. J.

Fd 15 Hof Brau, Menu

Fd 16 Holbrook, E. E., Dr., Cut Flowers, Floral Designs and Decorating

Fd 17 Hollingsworth, Charles R.

Fd 18 Hopkin, John, General Merchandise

Fd 19 Horn, A. G., Attorney at Law

Fd 20 Horton, I. C.

Fd 21 Houghton, F. C.

Fd 22 Houghton, John A., Merchandise Broker, Manufacturer’s Agent

Fd 23 The Household Fair

Fd 24 The Household Furnishing Company, Geo. McBride

Fd 25 Howat and Macmillan

Fd 26 Hoxer, John

Fd 27 Humphris, C. J., General Contractor

Fd 28 Hunter, R. P., Mortgage Loans

Fd 28a Hupke and Brown

Fd 29 Hutchison and Co.

Fd 30 Hutchison, T. S., Bicycles, Sporting Goods, Photographic Supplies

Fd 31 The Hydro-Carbon Light Company, C. F. Whipple

Fd 32 I. L. Clark and Sons, General Merchandise

Fd 33 Industrial Publishing Company

Fd 34 Industrial Utah

Fd 35 Ingebretsen, C., Contractor and Builder

Fd 36 Ingebretsen and Wadman, Dr.

Fd 37 Inland Grain Company

Fd 38 Inter-Mountain Motor Car Co.

Fd 38a Intermountain Scenic Display Co.

Fd 38b International Brewers’ Congress

Fd 39 Iroquois Glass Works

Fd 40 Ives, C. D., Hatter and Furnisher

Fd 41 Ives, C. D., Men’s Furnishings, Hats, and Shoes

Box 11: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 J. A. McCulloch Agency

Fd 2 J. C. Nye Agency Company

Fd 3 J. F. Everett and Co.

Fd 4 J. G. Read and Bros., Dr.

Fd 5 The J. H. Spargo Estate

Fd 6 J. P. Paulson Co.

Fd 7 J. P. O’Neill, Dr., J. P. O’Neill Construction Co.

Fd 8 J. S. Carver and Sons

Fd 9 J. S. Lewis and Co.

Fd 10 Jack, Wm.

Fd 11 Jackson and Levedahl, Brick and Cement Contractors

Fd 12 Jacobsen, J. and Green

Fd 13 James Automobile Company

Fd 14 James, David

Fd 14a James L. Robertson and sons

Fd 14b James, Pearl

Fd 15 James, R. W.

Fd 16 Jensen, August, Contractor and Builder

Fd 17 Jensen, J., Painting, Paper Hanging, and Decorating

Fd 18 Jogalong Transfer Co.

Fd 19 John Farr Coal Co.

Fd 19a The John Igelstroem Co.

Fd 19b The John L. Dawes MFG. Co.

Fd 20 John Scowcroft and Sons Co.

Fd 20a John W. Eckhart and Co.

Fd 21 Johnson and Dee, High Class Livery and Boarding

Fd 22 Johnson, J. A.

Fd 23 Johnson and Johnson, Attorneys at Law

Fd 24 Johnson and Newman, Dr., Heating and Ventilating Engineers

Fd 25 Jones, Edgar, Groceries

Fd 25a Jones, Miles

Fd 26 Jones, R. W.

Fd 27 Jones, T. W., Building, Moving and Construction Work

Fd 28 Jones, T. W., Merchant Tailor

Fd 29 Joseph Barker Co.

Fd 29a Josepn, Ed and Son

Fd 30 Jost, S. E.

Fd 31 Journal Publishing Co., Dr., Publishers of the Daily Utah State Journal

Fd 32 Joyce, R. S., M. D.

Fd 32a Juab County, Utah

Fd 33 Junction City Blacksmith Shop, Stevens Bros., Dr.

Box 12: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 K. B. Stationary Company, Dr.

Fd 2 K. Bachman and Son, Dr.

Fd 2a Kalasign Co. of America

Fd 3 Keener, H. H.

Fd 4 Kelly, George J., Real Estate, Loans, and Investments

Fd 5 Kelly and Herrick

Fd 6 Kemmerer Coal Yard

Fd 6a Keystone Lubricating Company

Fd 7 Kiefer, Leopold, Millwright and Engineer

Fd 7a Kiesel, Fred J.

Fd 8 Kihlstrom, J. G., General Contractor and Builder

Fd 9 Kimball Bros. Co., Freight and Passenger Elevators

Fd 10 Kimes, G. C.

Fd 11 Kinsey Collapsible Box and Commission Company

Fd 11a Koss, Chas.

Fd 12 Krumperman, John, Sanitary Plumber

Fd 13 Krumperman and Horton, Dr., Sanitary Plumbers

Fd 14 L. W. Shurtliff and Co.

Fd 14a La Grande Beverage Co.

Fd 14b La Grande National Bank

Fd 15 Labor Day Committee

Fd 15a Lagoon

Fd 16 Lambert Paper Co.

Fd 17 Lambert Roofing Co., Inc.

Fd 17a Landsberg, George

Fd 18 Lashus Livery and Feed Stable

Fd 19 Last and Thomas

Fd 20 Lauer, Frank, Decorative Painter and Paper Hanger

Fd 20a Lautz Bros.

Fd 21 Lavender, Mrs. George

Fd 21a Lawrence Paper Manufacturing Co.

Fd 22 Layton Milling and Elevator Co.

Fd 23 Leavitt, J. B.

Fd 24 The Leek Brick Co., Dr.

Fd 24a Leigh, H.C.

Fd 24b Lewis, F. E.

Fd 24c Lewis, J. W., Jeweler

Fd 25 Lewis, Robt. B., Coal

Fd 25a Little Queen Saloon

Fd 26 Lion Coal Company

Fd 26a Liquid Carbonic Acid MNFG. Co.

Fd 27 Literary Bureau, United States Brewer’s Association

Fd 28 The Loew Manufacturing Co.

Fd 29 Loomis, G. O.

Fd 29a Lowe, J. W.

Fd 29b Lundgren, E. F.

Fd 30 The Lyceum Theatre

Fd 31 M. L. Jones Coal and Ice Co.

Fd 32 The M. M. Wakes Company

Fd 32a Mt. Pleasant Pyramid

Fd 33 Maas, Wm and A. Church

Fd 33a Macart, John

Fd 34 Macbeth, James, Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting

Fd 34a Mack and Co.

Fd 34b Mack, George

Fd 35 Mack-Robinson Auto Company

Fd 35a Madison, M. C.

Fd 36 Madlener, Albert F.

Fd 36a Majestic Bottling Co.

Fd 37 Malan Transfer Company

Fd 38 Manufacturers and Business Men Association of Ogden, UT

Fd 38a Manufacturers and Jobbers Assoc.

Fd 39 The Marks and Beason Clothing Company

Box 13: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 The Hotel Marion

Fd 2 Mason Fenwick and Lawrence

Fd 3 Massa, Fred, Pictures and Frames

Fd 4 Mathews- McCulloch Co., Real Estate, Insurance, and Loans

Fd 5 McCarty and Co., City Scavengers

Fd 6 McClunnham, J. K.

Fd 7 McKown, Norton and Co., Hardware

Fd 7a McNeff Bros.

Fd 8 McNeil, J. R.

Fd 9 Meek, A. W., Practical Plumber, Steam, Hot Water and Gas Fitter

Fd 10 Meighan, Charles W., Advertising

Fd 10a Meneray and Co., City Drug Store

Fd 11 The Merchants Bank of Winona

Fd 12 The Merchants City and Suburban Express Co.

Fd 12a Merrill, E. S.

Fd 12b Metropolitan Life

Fd 13 Midgley, J. G.

Fd 14 Miles, Strevell and Ulmer

Fd 15 Minnesota, State of, Senate Chamber, E. J. Westlake

Fd 16 Mintz, H.

Fd 17 Mitchell Brothers, Cut Stone Contractors

Fd 17a Modern Pharmacy

Fd 18 Modern Tire Service Shop

Fd 18a The Morgan Creamery

Fd 19 Morse, A. E., Esq.

Fd 20 Morris, T. C., Decorator

Fd 21 Mose, Mrs. W. N.

Fd 21a Motherwell and Short

Fd 22 Mountain Ice Co.

Fd 23 The Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co., Dr.

Fd 24 Mountain View Cemetery Association

Fd 25 The Murphy-Hardy Company

Fd 25a Murray City, Utah

Fd 26 N. P. Ray Co.

Fd 26a Nance, A. W.

Fd 26b Nanz and Co.

Fd 27 National Association Manufacturers and Business Men

Fd 27a National Educational Bureau

Fd 27b The National Paper Co.

Fd 28 The Natural Mineral Water Company

Fd 29 Negro, A.

Fd 30 Nelden-Judson Drug Co.

Fd 31 Nelson, Alma, General Merchandise and Produce

Fd 32 Nelson, E., Staple Groceries and Provisions

Fd 33 Nelson and Fell, Dr., Livery, Feed and Sale Stable

Fd 33a Nevada Northern Railway Co., Dr.

Fd 33b New Eagle Hotel

Fd 34 The New European Hotel

Fd 35 The New Healy Hotel

Fd 36 The New Resort, D. K. Farley, Prop.

Fd 36a New York Specialty Co.

Fd 37 New York Underwriters Agency, J. M. Forristall

Fd 38 Newcomb, John

Fd 39 Newman Bros.

Fd 40 Newman and Co.

Fd 41 Newman and Jackson

Fd 42 The Newman and Stuart Co.

Fd 43 Newman, W. E., Heating and Ventilating

Fd 43a Nichols, F. E.

Fd 43b Nielson, D. S.

Fd 43c Noble, C. L.

Fd 44 Noggle, R. L., Commercial Photographer

Fd 44a Norgord, C. P.

Fd 44b Northwestern Brewers Supply Co.

Fd 44c Northwestern Lithographing Co.

Fd 44d Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Fd 45 Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, Dr.

Fd 46 Notz, Fredrick T., D.V.D.S., Veterinary Dentist

Fd 46a The Oaks

Fd 46b Oak Liquor Co.

Box 14: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 The Ogden Artesian Ice Co.

Fd 2 The Ogden Automobile Co.

Fd 3 Ogden Bargain Store, W. H. Voorhies

Fd 4 Ogden Bench Canal and Water Co.

Fd 5 Ogden Bottling Works

Fd 6 Ogden Boiler and Machine Shop, Dr.

Fd 7 Ogden Broom Factory

Fd 7a Ogden Canyon Sanitarium

Fd 8 Ogden Carriage Factory, Orahood and Watts, Dr.

Fd 9 Ogden City Corporation

Fd 10 Ogden City Ice Co.

Fd 11 Ogden Coal and Ice Company

Fd 12 Ogden Commission Company, Inc.

Fd 13 Ogden Cornice Works

Fd 14 Ogden Electric and Cornice Works

Fd 15 Ogden Electric Machine and Carriage Co.

Fd 16 Ogden Electric Supply Company

Fd 17 Ogden Engraving Service Co., J. P. Ridges

Fd 18 Ogden Examiner Publishing Co.

Fd 19 Ogden Feed Company

Fd 20 Ogden Feed and Implement Company

Fd 21 Ogden Foundry and Machine Co.

Fd 22 Ogden Furniture and Carpet Co.

Fd 23 Ogden General Hospital

Fd 24 Ogden Gurney Cab and Transfer Co.

Fd 25 The Ogden Hat Factory

Fd 26 Ogden Hot Springs Sanitarium

Fd 27 Ogden Iron Works Co.

Fd 28 Ogden Junk House

Fd 29 Ogden Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, J. P Rankin Proprietor

Fd 30 Ogden Livery Transfer and Boarding Stables

Box 15: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Ogden Lodge No. 719

Fd 2 Ogden, Logan and Idaho Railway Co., Dr.

Fd 3 Ogden-Lucin Copper Co.

Fd 4 Ogden Lumber Company

Fd 5 Ogden Milling and Elevator Co.

Fd 6 Ogden Morning Examiner

Fd 7 Ogden Packing and Provision Co.

Fd 8 Ogden Paint, Oil and Glass Co. (1896 - 1905)

Fd 9 Ogden Paint, Oil and Glass Co. (1906 - 1917)

Fd 10 Ogden Pharmacal Company

Fd 11 Ogden Planning Mills Co.

Fd 12 The Ogden Portland Cement Company

Fd 13 The Ogden Pressed Brick and Tile Co.

Fd 14 Ogden Printing Company

Fd 15 Ogden Publicity Bureau

Fd 16 Ogden Rapid Transit Co.

Fd 17 Ogden Retail Merchants Association

Fd 18 Ogden Roofing Co.

Fd 19 Ogden Sale Company

Fd 20 Ogden Savings Bank, Dr.

Fd 21 Ogden Sewer Pipe and Clay Company

Fd 22 Ogden Stamp Works

Fd 23 The Ogden Standard

Box 16: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Ogden State Bank

Fd 2 Ogden Steam Laundry Co.

Fd 3 Ogden Storage Battery Co.

Fd 4 Ogden Tent and Awning Company, John Hoxer

Fd 5 Ogden Tire and Rubber Company

Fd 6 Ogden Transfer Co.

Fd 7 Ogden Transfer and Storage Co.

Fd 8 Ogden Union Railway and Depot Co.

Fd 9 Ogden Water Works Company

Fd 10 Ogden White Lime Company

Fd 11 Ogden Wholesale Drug Co.

Fd 12 Ogden Wholesale Grocery Co.

Fd 13 Ogden Woolgrower’s Association

Fd 13a Oleson, Hans

Fd 13b Oliver Typewriter Co.

Fd 13c Omaha Hotel Supply Co.

Fd 13d Oppmann, A. W.

Fd 14 Oregon Lumber Co.

Fd 15 Oregon Short Line Railroad Co., Dr.

Fd 16 Osgood, C. F., M.D.

Fd 17 P. M. Poulsen and Co., Wines, Liquors, and Cigars

Fd 18 Pabst Brewing Company, Gustave Pabst

Fd 19 The Pacific Express Company

Fd 19a Pacific Hotel

Fd 20 Pacific Produce Co.

Fd 21 Packer, Harold J.

Fd 22 Paine and Hurst, Dry Goods Store

Fd 23 Palace Bakery, Fryer and Reed, Dr.

Fd 24 Palace Hotel

Fd 24a Park Record

Fd 25 Park Valley Store, General Merchandise

Fd 26 Parker, A. F., City Engineer, Ogden City

Fd 26a Parker-Brawner Company

Fd 27 Parker, F., M. D., Veterinary Surgeon

Fd 27a Parson, C. L.

Fd 27b Paulson, J. P.

Fd 27c Paternoster, Fred

Fd 27d Patterson, Wallace

Fd 28 Pearce, W., Pioneer Foundry and Machine Shop

Fd 28a Pearl Saloon

Fd 28b Peerless Products Co.

Fd 29 Peery, H. W.

Fd 30 Peery-Knisely Hardware Co.

Box 17: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 0 Pennsylvania Railroad Company

Fd 0a Perkins, George F.

Fd 1 Perkins, G. W., M.D.

Fd 2 The Perlman Bottle Co.

Fd 3 Perry Brothers Milling Company

Fd 3a Perry, Charles

Fd 4 Peter Anderson Tailoring Co.

Fd 4a Peterson, Andreas

Fd 5 Peterson, Chas., Signs

Fd 5a Peterson, George

Fd 5b Peterson, P.

Fd 5c Pfoudler Co.

Fd 6 Phillip Goerres Cooperage Co.

Fd 7 Philpot, Walter, Novelty Repairs

Fd 8 Pingree, Job, Jr., Seeds, Grains, and Groceries, Stock, and Poultry Food

Fd 9 Pingree and Keller Co.

Fd 10 The Pingree National Bank

Fd 11 Pioneer Coal and Limber Co.

Fd 11a Player, A. E.

Fd 12 Poll Tax Collector, Office of

Fd 13 Porter, W. L., Florist

Fd 13a The Portland Bung Bush Co.

Fd 14 The Potter, C. S. Potter

Fd 14a Pratt, Arthur

Fd 14b Producers Refining Co.

Fd 15 Products Company of Utah, Dr.

Fd 16 The Program Publishing Co.

Fd 17 Proudfit Sporting Goods Company

Fd 18 Pruitt, C. C.

Fd 19 Pullman, Geo. B., Carriages

Fd 20 Queen Insurance Company, of America, B. H. Goddard

Fd 20a Quisenberry, I. B.

Fd 21 Quorum of the Seventy, Presidency of the 77th, E. Neuteboom

Fd 22 R. K. Wilson and Sons

Fd 23 R. L. Polk and Co.

Fd 23a R. M. Rolfsen Sporting Goods Co.

Fd 24 Ragan, D., Staple and Fancy Groceries

Fd 25 Rasmusson, Carl C.

Fd 25a Read, J. G.

Fd 26 Recorder, Office of, Weber County, John G. Tyler

Fd 27 Red Devil Store Company

Fd 28 Redfield, Carl, Electric Wiring and Supplies

Fd 29 Redfield Electric and Machine Co.

Fd 29a Reece, Thomas

Fd 30 The Reed Hotel

Fd 30a Remington Typewriter Co.

Fd 31 The Retail Merchants’ Association

Fd 31a The Rex Theatre

Fd 32 Rich and Osgood, M.D.s

Fd 32a Rich, Ezra C.

Fd 33 Richards and Ellison, Attorneys at Law

Fd 34 Richards and MacMillan, Attorneys at Law

Fd 35 Richardson, Ezra, Cash Grocer

Fd 36 Richardson Feed and Fuel Co.

Fd 37 Richardson and Grant, Inc.

Box 18: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Richardson Hunt Co.

Fd 2 Richardson, P. C.

Fd 3 Riche, Thomas

Fd 4 Rigby Bros. Ranch

Fd 4a Riley, R. N.

Fd 5 Rio Grande Western Railway Co.

Fd 6 Riser and Farr Coal Co.

Fd 7 The Riverside Chopping Mill

Fd 8 Riverside Milling Company

Fd 8a Robert W. Kiewert

Fd 8b Rockhill, A. B.

Fd 9 Rockhill, J.

Fd 10 Rockhill, Nathan

Fd 11 Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Co., Dr.

Fd 11a Roesch, Julius

Fd 11b Rosenberg Co.

Fd 12 The Ross Book and Stationery Co.

Fd 13 Ross, Charles, F., Day, Sunday School and Missionary Supplies

Fd 14 Ross-Robinson-Spencer Co.

Fd 15 Rowland, Geo. E.

Fd 15a Rudolph Drug Co.

Fd 16 S. J. Burt and Bros

Fd 17 Saer Lake

Fd 17a St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad

Fd 18 Salt Lake and Ogden Gas and Electric Light Co.

Fd 18a Salt Lake and Ogden Railway Co., Simon Bamberger, President and Gen’l Mgr.

Fd 18b Salt Lake Brewery

Fd 18c Salt Lake Hardware Co.

Fd 18d Salt Lake Telegram

Fd 18e Salt Lake Transfer Co.

Fd 19 San Francisco Breweries Ltd., Thomas Alton, Esq.

Fd 19a San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad Company

Fd 20 Savage and Bune, Blacksmiths and Horseshoers

Fd 21 Savage, O. E., Blacksmith and Horseshoer

Fd 21a Schaar and Company

Fd 22 Schade Brothers

Fd 22a Schillinger Construction Co.

Fd 22b Schlitz Beer

Fd 23 Schwartz, John J.

Fd 24 Scoville, M. G., Broom and Brush Manufacturer

Fd 25 The Scoville Paper Co

Fd 25a Scowcroft, John

Fd 26 Scowcroft, William

Fd 26a Seaboard Air Line Railway

Fd 27 Security State Bank

Fd 27a Service Garage

Fd 28 Shafer and Cook

Fd 29 Shaw and Stone Coal and Ice Co.

Fd 29a Shearman, W. H.

Fd 30 Sheriff of Weber County, Office of

Fd 30a Shorten, Geo.

Fd 31 The Shupe-Williams Candy Co.

Fd 32 Shurtliff and Co., Dr.

Fd 33 Sidney Stevens Implement Co.

Fd 33a Silverthorn, T. L.

Fd 34 Simmons Hardware Company

Fd 34a Sitheris, Tonny

Fd 35 Sixth Ward Fund

Fd 36 The Slade Transfer

Fd 37 Slade’s Excursion, Hack and Transfer

Fd 38 Smith and Blattert, Dr., Cornice and Tin Roofing

Box 19: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Smith Brothers, Couches, Mattresses and Bed Springs

Fd 2 Smith, C. R., Tin, Sheet, Iron, and Copper Work

Fd 3 Smith, Eugene G., M.D.

Fd 3a Smith, L. M.

Fd 4 Smith, Nick, Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars

Fd 5 Smith, Robert, Cornice, Tin Roofs, Gutters, Smokestacks

Fd 5a Smoot, Reed, Chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Standards, Weights, and Measures

Fd 6 Snively Electrical Co.

Fd 7 Snively and Hendry

Fd 7a Southern Hotel

Fd 8 Southern Pacific Company

Fd 9 Spargo’s Book Store

Fd 10 Spargo, J. H.

Fd 11 Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company

Fd 12 The Spring Garden Insurance Co.

Fd 13 Squire Coop

Fd 13a St. Louise Beer Hall

Fd 14 Stallings, Hi

Fd 15 Stallings Bros. And Potter, Dr.

Fd 16 The Standard Bottling Co.

Fd 17 The Standard Publishing Co. (The Standard and the Examiner)

Fd 18 Stecher, Paul W., Jeweler

Fd 19 Sterling Wholesale Company Inc.

Fd 19a Stevenson Cold Storage Door Co.

Fd 20 Stiehl, George Francis, M. D.

Fd 21 Stillwell, Barnett

Fd 22 Stone, F. T.

Fd 23 Stratford Collection and Reporting Co.

Fd 24 Stratford, E. A., Collections

Fd 25 Stratford, Earl A.

Fd 26 Streeper, E. W., Sash, Doors, Turning and All Kinds of Mill Work

Fd 27 Stuart, D. K.

Fd 28 The Summerill’s Stove Repair House

Fd 29 Summit Hotel, J. J. Smith

Fd 30 Sutherland, Geo.

Fd 31 Swainston, E.

Fd 32 Swift, T. D.

Fd 33 Switchmen and Trainmen’s Time Book

Box 20: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 T. B. Heller and Son

Fd 2 T. W. Freeman and Co.

Fd 3 T. W. Matthews Candy Co.

Fd 3a Tabernacle Fair

Fd 4 The Taylor Bros. Construction Co.

Fd 5 Taylor Brothers, Investment Brokers

Fd 6 Taylor Coal Co.

Fd 7 Taylor and Farr Coal Co.

Fd 8 Thatcher Bros. Banking Company

Fd 8a Thatcher, Chas.

Fd 9 Thatcher, S. B.

Fd 10 Thomas D. Dee Company

Fd 11 Thomas, H. H.

Fd 12 Thomas and Richards

Fd 12a Thurgood, W. O.

Fd 13 The Toggery

Fd 14 Townsend, O. P.

Fd 15 Treasurer’s Office, Box Elder County

Fd 16 Treasurer’s Office, Weber County

Fd 17 Treasurer of Weber County, Alma D. Chambers

Fd 18 Tribe, A. W., Tribe and Co.

Fd 19 Tribe and Jones

Fd 19a The Tropical Paint and Oil Co.

Fd 20 Troy Steam Laundry Co.

Fd 21 Trusty and Jackson

Fd 21a U. P. Brewery and Malt House

Fd 22 U. P. Malt and Ice House, John Beier

Fd 23 U. S. Collector of Internal Revenue

Fd 24 The Under Feed Stoker Co., of America

Fd 25 The Underwood Typewriter Agency

Fd 26 The Union Light and Power Co., Dr.

Fd 26a Union Line

Fd 26b Union Pacific Railroad Company

Fd 27 Union Pacific System

Fd 28 Union Portland Cement Company

Fd 29 Union Printing and Engraving Company

Fd 30 Union Storage Company, E. F. Hanna, Dr.

Fd 30a Union Truck Depot

Fd 31 United Cigar Stores Company

Fd 31a United States Brewers’ Association

Fd 31b United States Department of Agriculture

Fd 32 United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company

Fd 32a Universal

Fd 32b Utah Association of Manufacturers and Businessmen

Fd 33 Utah Bill Posting Company

Fd 33a Utah Bottling Works

Fd 34 The Utah Canning Company

Fd 35 Utah Coal Sales Agency

Fd 36 Utah Fuel Company, Dr.

Fd 37 Utah Hot Springs Hotel

Box 21: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 The Utah Ice and Storage Co.

Fd 1a Utah Idaho Central Railroad Co.

Fd 2 Utah Independent Telephone Company

Fd 3 Utah Light and Power Co.

Fd 4 Utah Light and Railway Company

Fd 5 The Utah Liquor House

Fd 6 Utah Lumber Co.

Fd 7 Utah National Bank

Fd 8 Utah and Oregon Lumber Co.

Fd 9 Utah Power and Light Co.

Fd 10 Utah and Rock Spring Coal Co.

Fd 11 Utah Sales Company

Fd 12 Utah Savings and Trust Co.

Fd 13 The Utah State Journal

Fd 14 Utah Store Fixture Company

Fd 15 Utah Tire Repair Co.

Fd 16 Van Cott, Allison and Riter

Fd 17 Van Der Schuit, B., Florist

Fd 18 Van Kampen, Kryn, Upholstering, Mattress Making, Carpets Cleaned

Fd 18a The Vilter Manufacturing Co.

Fd 19 Vogeler Seed and Produce

Fd 20 Volker-Scowcroft Lumber Co.

Box 22: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 The W. D. Brown Co., Inc. Fd 2 W. Farr and Co.

Fd 3 W. Frese and Co.

Fd 4 W. H. Wright and Sons Co., Department Store

Fd 5 W. O. Kay Company

Fd 6 W. S. Donaldson and Sons

Fd 7 W. W. Browning and Co., Printers

Fd 7a Wadsworth, F. J.

Fd 7b Wagener Brewing Co.

Fd 8 Wahl-Henius Institute

Fd 9 Warner, H. E., Public Accountant

Fd 10 Wasatch Dairy

Fd 11 Wasatch Orchard Company

Fd 12 Wasatch Printing Company, Dr.

Fd 13 Washington Market

Fd 14 Water Works Department

Fd 15 Watson-Flygare Hardware Co.

Fd 16 Weber Club, Dr.

Fd 17 Weber Coal Co.

Fd 18 Weber Electric Co.

Fd 19 Weeldy City Collection

Fd 20 Wells Fargo and Company Express, Dr.

Box 23: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Wenger, A. A., Real Estate, Insurance, Loans, and Rentals

Fd 2 West, A.

Fd 3 The Western Bottling Company

Fd 4 Western Foundry and Machine Co.

Fd 5 Western Grain and Brokerage Co.

Fd 6 Western Grain and Feed Co.

Fd 7 The Western Pacific Railway Company

Fd 8 Western Railway Weighing Association and Inspection Bureau

Fd 9 The Western Union Telegraph Company

Fd 10 Western Weighing and Inspection Bureau

Fd 11 Whalen, Walter, E., M. D.

Fd 12 Wheelon, Mrs. Agnes

Fd 13 Wheelwright Bros., Dr.

Fd 14 The Wheelwright Construction Co., Inc., Railroad Contractors

Fd 15 Wherry, S. W., D. D. S.

Box 24: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Whipple and Johnson, Lawyers, T. D. Johnson

Fd 2 Whitaker, S. T., Architect

Fd 3 Whitmeyer, Geo. A., Carpenter, Contractor and Builder

Fd 4 White, W. R., Attorney at Law

Fd 5 Wilcox Grocery Company

Fd 5a The William Rahr Son’s Company

Fd 6 Williamsen, L. C., Wagon Repairing and Carriage Work

Fd 7 Wilson Lane Facing, D. and R. M.

Fd 8 Wilson, John, Bookbinder and Manufacturing Stationer

Fd 9 Wm. G. Wilson, Dr., Manufacturer of Lumber

Fd 10 Wm. Driver and Son Drug Co.

Fd 11 Wm. Rahr and Sons

Fd 12 Wm. Van Dyke and Co.

Fd 13 Winslow, W. D., Distributor and Sign Tacker

Fd 14 Woodmansee, Chas., Est.

Fd 14a Woodward, A. G.

Fd 15 Woodward, Drake A.

Fd 16 Wright, Chas Jr., Deputy, Box Eldey County

Fd 17 Wright, Della C.

Fd 18 Wright, E. H.

Fd 19 Wright, Ernest J.

Fd 20 Wright, Gus, Advertiser

Fd 20a Zerobuick, J.

Fd 21 Zimmerman, Joe, Wines, Liquors, and Cigars

Fd 22 Zion’s Co-Operative Mercantile Institution, Z. C. M. I.

Fd 23 Zitman Plumbing and Heating Co.

Box 25: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 California - American Faucet Co.

Fd 2 California - Bach, Chas., Co.

Fd 3 California - Bachrach- Cordes Co.

Fd 4 California - Bauer, J.C., Co.

Fd 5 California - Bauer – Schwitzer Hop and Malt Co.

Fd 6 California - Benham Co., The

Fd 7 California – Braun, F.W., Co.

Fd 8 California – Brewer, J.M., Freight Claim Agent

Fd 8a California – California Brewing Association

Fd 9 California – California Hop Growers Association

Fd 10 California – Cleveland Faucet Co., The

Fd 11 California – Coblent, Felix, and Co.

Fd 12 California – Continental Oil Co.

Fd 13 California – DeGolia, George

Fd 14 California – Eagle Paint and Varnish Co.

Fd 15 California – Eihlert, W.J.

Fd 16 California – Fresno Brewing Co.

Fd 17 California – Frick Co., Inc.

Fd 18 California – Fulkerson, R.J.

Fd 19 California – Gair, Robert, Co.

Fd 20 California – George, C.W.

Fd 21 California – Gier, Theo, Wine Co.

Fd 22 California – Harris, Adolph, and Co.

Fd 23 California – Herms, Wm.

Fd 24 California – Herrmann and Co.

Fd 25 California – Herrmann, George

Fd 26 California – Herrmann, Geo., Co.

Fd 27 California – Horst, E. Clemens, Co.

Fd 28 California – Hotel Argyle

Fd 29 California – Howe, M.D.

Fd 30 California – Jacks, L.D.

Fd 31 California – Johnson-Locke Mercantile Co., The

Fd 32 California – Master Builders

Fd 33 California – Merkley, A.A., and Co.

Fd 34 California – Occidental Hotel

Fd 35 California – Rosenberg Co.

Fd 36 California – Rosenberg, R. and Son’s Co.

Fd 37 California – Russia Cement Co.

Fd 38 California – Security Savings Bank

Fd 39 California – Tillman and Bendel

Fd 40 California – Union Iron Works

Fd 41 California – United Iron Works

Fd 42 California – Western Carbonic Acid Gas Co.

Fd 42a California – Western Lithographic Co.

Fd 43 California – Wolf, Philip, and Co.

Box 26: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Colorado – Althoff Manufactoring Co., The

Fd 2 Colorado – Bogue Lead Co., The

Fd 3 Colorado – Bogue-Wensley Lead Co., The

Fd 4 Colorado – Brewers’ and Bottlers’ Supply Co., The

Fd 5 Colorado – Brewster, E.M.

Fd 6 Colorado – Brown Palace Hotel, The

Fd 7 Colorado – Burroughs Adding Machine Co.

Fd 8 Colorado – Capital Electric Co., The

Fd 9 Colorado – Colorado Herold

Fd 10 Colorado – Crocker-Wheeler Co.

Fd 11 Colorado – Crown Cork and Seal Co., The – Denver Branch

Fd 11a Colorado – Crystal Springs Brg. and Ice Co.

Fd 11b Colorado – Denver and Rio Grande

Fd 12 Colorado – Denver Lithographic Co.

Fd 13 Colorado – Denver Sewer Pipe and Clay Co., The

Fd 14 Colorado – Falk, Wormser and Co.

Fd 15 Colorado – Garlock Packing Co., The

Fd 16 Colorado – Graham Paper Co., The

Fd 17 Colorado – Hartford Steam Boiler

Fd 18 Colorado – Hendrie and Stephens

Fd 19 Colorado – Jeffery Manufacturing Co., The

Fd 20 Colorado – Kanawha Dispatch

Fd 21 Colorado – Leadville Colorado

Fd 22 Colorado – Leyner, Geo. J.

Fd 23 Colorado – McKee and Slack

Fd 24 Colorado – Missouri Pacific Railway Co., The

Fd 25 Colorado – Program Publishing Co., The

Fd 26 Colorado – Paulson, J.P., Co.

Fd 27 Colorado – Radcliff, Hattie

Fd 28 Colorado – Schiern, Chas. A., Co.

Fd 29 Colorado – Schneider, Ph., Brewing Co.

Fd 30 Colorado – Shears, Thos., General Agent

Fd 31 Colorado – Star Lubricating Oil Co., The

Fd 32 Colorado – Travelers Insurance Co., The

Fd 33 Colorado – United Autographic Register Co.

Fd 34 Colorado – Vallejo, The

Fd 35 Colorado – VanCleave, James W.

Fd 36 Colorado – Western Glass Mfg. Co.

Fd 37 Colorado – Williamson – [G]affner Engraving Co.

Fd 38 Connecticut – Bristol, Wm. H.

Fd 39 Connecticut – Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.

Fd 40 Connecticut – Nonpareil Cork Mfg. Co., The

Fd 41 Delaware – Remington Machine Co.

Fd 42 Florida – Prairie Pebble Phosphate Co.

Fd 43 Georgia – Benson, Barry

Box 27: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Idaho – Ancient Order of United Workmen

Fd 2 Idaho – Anderson, A.

Fd 3 Idaho – Anderson, A.M.

Fd 4 Idaho – Anderson, Wm.

Fd 5 Idaho – B.B. Bar, The

Fd 6 Idaho – Beach, O.D.

Fd 7 Idaho – Book Store Pharmacy

Fd 8 Idaho – Buckhorn Saloon

Fd 9 Idaho – Charles, D.W.

Fd 10 Idaho – Cooper, W.L.

Fd 11 Idaho – Cragun, W.

Fd 12 Idaho – Custer County, Assessor’s Office, Challis Idaho

Fd 13 Idaho – Elmore County, Idaho, Assessor and Tax Collector

Fd 14 Idaho – Exchange Saloon

Fd 15 Idaho – Fountain, The

Fd 16 Idaho – Gem, The – J.E. Meyers

Fd 17 Idaho – Gem Saloon

Fd 18 Idaho – Gorby’s Bar

Fd 19 Idaho – C. Hamition

Fd 20 Idaho – Harman Pharmacy

Fd 21 Idaho – Herrnes[h], Leo.

Fd 22 Idaho – Hilliard Drug Co.

Fd 23 Idaho – Idaho Brewers and Wholesale Liquor Dealers Association

Fd 24 Idaho – Idaho Drug Co.

Fd 25 Idaho – Idaho Falls Sample Rooms, The

Fd 26 Idaho – [J]enkins, W.G.

Fd 27 Idaho – Leigh, H.C., and Co.

Fd 28 Idaho – Maguire’s Drug Store

Fd 29 Idaho – Minidoka Club Saloon

Fd 30 Idaho – Monte, El

Fd 31 Idaho – North Main Pharmacy

Fd 32 Idaho – Niagara Fire Insurance Co.

Fd 33 Idaho – Office Saloon, The

Fd 34 Idaho – Osterhout and McCune

Fd 35 Idaho – Owl Club Saloon

Fd 36 Idaho – Palace Saloon

Fd 37 Idaho – Parsons, C.L.

Fd 38 Idaho – Passtime Billiard Hall, The

Fd 39 Idaho – Pearce, James

Fd 40 Idaho – Pierre, Thomas

Fd 41 Idaho – Reception, The

Fd 42 Idaho – Rex Buffet, The

Fd 43 Idaho – Shoshone Journal, The

Fd 44 Idaho – Twin Falls Vinegar and Cider Co.

Fd 45 Idaho – Watson Drug Co.

Fd 46 Idaho – Winschell, Wm.

Fd 47 Idaho – W.O. Kay Elevator Co., The

Box 28: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Illinois – Amberg File and Index Co.

Fd 2 Illinois – American Asphaltum and Rubber Co.

Fd 3 Illinois – American Bottle Co.

Fd 4 Illinois – American Brewer’s Review Co.

Fd 5 Illinois – American Hop and Barley Co.

Fd 6 Illinois – American Malting Co.

Fd 7 Illinois – American Society of Brewing Technology

Fd 8 Illinois – American Veneer Package Co.

Fd 9 Illinois – Armstrong, D.R., and Co.

Fd 10 Illinois – Audit Company of New York, The

Fd 11 Illinois – Automatic Racking Machine Co.

Fd 12 Illinois – Automatic Reducing Valve Co.

Fd 13 Illinois – Baker-Vawter co.

Fd 14 Illinois – Bankers National Bank, The

Fd 15 Illinois – Barnard and Leas

Fd 16 Illinois – Barnes, A.R., and Co.

Fd 17 Illinois – Becker, L.A., Co.

Fd 18 Illinois – Berry Coal and Coke Co.

Fd 19 Illinois – Bird, F.W., and Son

Fd 20 Illinois – Bishop and Babcock, Co., The

Fd 21 Illinois – Blackman, C.S., Co.

Fd 22 Illinois – Blome, Rudolph S., Co.

Fd 23 Illinois – Blumenthal, E.M.

Fd 24 Illinois – Bottlers’ Specialty Manufacturing Co.

Fd 25 Illinois – Brewers Daily Bulletin, The

Fd 26 Illinois – Burdick Enamel Sign Co.

Fd 27 Illinois – Burns and G[r]assie

Fd 28 Illinois – Business Mans Library, The

Fd 29 Illinois – Carqueville Lithographic Co.

Fd 30 Illinois – Chicago and Alton Railway Co., The

Fd 31 Illinois – Chicago Art Metal Works

Fd 32 Illinois – Chicago Brush Mfg. Co.

Fd 33 Illinois – Chicago Car Seal and Mfg. Co.

Fd 34 Illinois – Chicago Engraving Co.

Fd 39 Illinois – Chicago fire Proof Covering Co.

Fd 40 Illinois – Chicago House Wrecking Co.

Fd 41 Illinois – Chicago Sign Printing Co.

Fd 42 Illinois – Cleveland Faucet Co., The

Fd 43 Illinois – Clow, James B., and Sons

Fd 44 Illinois – Corn Products Mfg. Co.

Fd 45 Illinois – Corn Products Refining Co.

Box 29: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Illinois – Crane Co.

Fd 2 Illinois – Creamery Package Mfg. Co.

Fd 3 Illinois – Crosby Steam Gage and Valve Co.

Fd 4 Illinois – Cummings, J.D.

Fd 5 Illinois – Cummins, B.F., Co.

Fd 6 Illinois – Daigger, A., and Co.

Fd 7 Illinois – Davis, John, Co., The

Fd 8 Illinois – Decatur Cereal Co.

Fd 9 Illinois – DeHaven Manufacturing Co.

Fd 10 Illinois – Dreesbach, Philip

Fd 11 Illinois – Eagle Tank Co.

Fd 12 Illinois – Elliot Varnish Co.

Fd 13 Illinois – Empire Calendar Co.

Fd 14 Illinois – Eppenstein, L.A., and Co.

Fd 15 Illinois – Ernecke and Salmstein Co.

Fd 16 Illinois – [E]ymotechnic Institute and Siebel’s Brewing Academy

Fd 17 Illinois – Falk, Wormser and Co.

Fd 18 Illinois – Farmers and Manufacturers Alliance

Fd 19 Illinois – Featherstone Foundry and Machine Co.

Fd 20 Illinois – Felt and Tarrant Mfg. Co.

Fd 21 Illinois – Fritz, Alfred E. (Successor of C.W. Fritz)

Fd 22 Illinois – Genasco Roofing Co.

Fd 23 Illinois – Gilfillan, E.N.

Fd 24 Illinois – Glucose Sugar Refining Co., The

Fd 25 Illinois – [G]oes Lithographing Co.

Fd 26 Illinois – Goetz and Brada Mfg. Co.

Fd 27 Illinois – Goetz and Flodin Mfg. Co.

Fd 28 Illinois – Goldman, E. and Co.

Fd 29 Illinois – Goodsell Packing Co.

Fd 30 Illinois – Great Northern Hotel

Fd 31 Illinois – Great Western Cereal Co., The

Fd 32 Illinois – Griesser, Richard

Fd 33 Illinois – Herman Reach and Co.

Fd 34 Illinois – L.A. Becher Co.

Fd 35 Illinois – Lehle, Louis and Son

Box 30: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Illinois – Horst Co.

Fd 2 Illinois – Ice and Refrigeration Illustrated

Fd 3 Illinois – Ide, A.L., and Sons

Fd 4 Illinois – Illinois Manufacturers’ Association

Fd 5 Illinois – Illinois State Register

Fd 6 Illinois – Independent Filter Co.

Fd 7 Illinois – International Filter Co.

Fd 8 Illinois – International Machine Co.

Fd 9 Illinois – Jerkins Bros.

Fd 10 Illinois – Johns, Robert

Fd 11 Illinois – Johns-Manville, H.W., Co.

Fd 12 Illinois – Jones and Laughlins, Limited.

Fd 13 Illinois – Kaestner, Chas., and Co.

Fd 14 Illinois – Kaestner and Hecht Co.

Fd 15 Illinois – Kawin Mfg. and Importing Co.

Fd 16 Illinois – Kearns, J.P. and Co.

Fd 17 Illinois – Keenan Bros. Mfg. Co.

Fd 18 Illinois – Keller Manufacturing Co.

Fd 19 Illinois – Kelly, William J.

Fd 20 Illinois – Kennicott Water Softener Co.

Fd 21 Illinois – Keystone Chemical Mfg. Co., The

Fd 22 Illinois – K[i]r[c]hhoff and [Neu]barth

Fd 23 Illinois – Knights Templars and Masons Life Indemnity Co.

Fd 24 Illinois – Kroeschell Bros. Ice Machine Co.

Fd 25 Illinois – Link-Belt Machinery Co.

Fd 26 Illinois – Liquid Carbonic Acid Mfg. Co.

Fd 27 Illinois – Lord and Thomas

Fd 28 Illinois – Luhr, Otto

Fd 29 Illinois – Madlener, F.

Fd 30 Illinois – Magnus, A., Sons

Fd 31 Illinois – Marshall Field and Co.

Fd 32 Illinois – Mead, Dodd and Co., Publishers

Fd 33 Illinois – Meyer-Both Co.

Fd 34 Illinois – Meyercord Co., Inc.

Fd 35 Illinois – National Association of Manufacturers and Business Men

Box 31: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Illinois – National Brewers’ Insurance Co., The

Fd 2 Illinois – National Filter and Carbonating Co.

Fd 3 Illinois – National Printing and Engraving Co.

Fd 4 Illinois – Northern Trust Co.

Fd 5 Illinois – Ogden State Bank

Fd 6 Illinois – Ozone Pure Airifter Co.

Fd 7 Illinois – Parsons Chemical Co.

Fd 8 Illinois – Passow, Chas., and Sons

Fd 9 Illinois – Pause, P., and Co.

Fd 10 Illinois – Perlman Bottle Co., The

Fd 11 Illinois – Pettibane, P.F., and Co.

Fd 12 Illinois – Phoenix Brush and Manufacturing Co.

Fd 13 Illinois – Post, Alfred H., and Co.

Fd 14 Illinois – Pullman Co., The

Fd 15 Illinois – Railway and Manufacturer’s Agents

Fd 16 Illinois – Rath, John, Cooperage Co., The

Fd 17 Illinois – Rautert, Fred

Fd 18 Illinois – Raymond Lead Co.

Fd 19 Illinois – Reach, Herman, and Co.

Fd 20 Illinois – Rempe Co.

Fd 21 Illinois – Rhodes, James H., and Co.

Fd 22 Illinois – Ruff, William J.

Fd 23 Illinois – Safeguard Account Co.

Fd 24 Illinois – Scott, Carson Pirie, and Co.

Fd 25 Illinois – Scully Steel and Iron Co.

Fd 26 Illinois – Schlangen Racker Co.

Fd 27 Illinois – G.F. Schmidt and Co.

Fd 28 Illinois – Schwill, Albert and Co.

Fd 29 Illinois – Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Fd 30 Illinois – Shayne, John T., and Co.

Fd 31 Illinois – Shonk, Chas.W., Co.

Fd 32 Illinois – Siebel Institute of Technology

Fd 33 Illinois – Soft Drink Journal, The

Fd 34 Illinois – Springer, Warner and Co.

Fd 35 Illinois – Star Brass Works, The

Fd 36 Illinois – Stone School of Scientific Physical Culture

Fd 37 Illinois – Strong Engineering Co.

Fd 38 Illinois – System

Fd 39 Illinois – Talismanic Company’s Products, John C. Thurston

Fd 40 Illinois – Thaler Brothers, Cooperage Works

Fd 41 Illinois – Thurston, F.W. Co.

Fd 42 Illinois – United Autographic Register Co.

Fd 43 Illinois – Vilas, A.H., Co.

Fd 44 Illinois – Wahl and Henius, Scientific Station for Brewing of Chicago, American Brewing Academy

Fd 45 Illinois – Wahl-Henius Institute of Fermentology

Box 32: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Illinois – Warner Corn Products Refining Co.

Fd 2 Illinois – Warner-Lenz Co.

Fd 3 Illinois – Webster, G.A.

Fd 4 Illinois – Weiskopf, M.E., Thermometer Co.

Fd 5 Illinois – Weller Manufacturing Co.

Fd 6 Illinois – Wendnagel and Co.

Fd 7 Illinois – Westerlin and Campbell

Fd 8 Illinois – Western Brewer, The

Fd 9 Illinois – Western Classification Committee

Fd 10 Illinois – Western Life Indemnity Co.

Fd 11 Illinois – Western Valve Co.

Fd 12 Illinois – White Racker Co.

Fd 13 Illinois – Witteman Bros. Co.

Fd 14 Illinois – Wolf, Fred. W., Co., The

Fd 15 Illinois – Wright, E.V.

Fd 16 Illinois – 20th Century Machinery Co., The

Fd 17 Indiana – American Hominy Co.

Fd 18 Indiana – Bernardin Bottle Cap Co.

Fd 19 Indiana – Bowser, S.F., and Co. Inc.

Fd 20 Indiana – Central States Cooperage Co.

Fd 21 Indiana – Cerealine Mfg. Co., The

Fd 22 Indiana – Chandler and Taylor Co.

Fd 23 Indiana – Evansville Cooperage Co., The

Fd 24 Indiana – Cook, F.W., Brewing Co.

Fd 25 Indiana – Thieme and Wagner Brewing Co.

Fd 26 Indiana – Thompson Bottle Co.

Fd 27 Indiana – Root Glass Co.

Fd 28 Indiana – Vajen-Bader Co.

Fd 29 Iowa – Bosch-Ryan Grain Co.

Fd 30 Iowa – Clipless Paper Fastener Co.

Fd 31 Iowa – Dubuque Star Brewing Co.

Fd 32 Iowa – Fisher Governor Co., The

Fd 33 Iowa – Grupe Drier and Boiler Co.

Fd 34 Iowa – Kimball Brothers Co.

Fd 35 Iowa – Murphy, Thos. D., Co.

Fd 36 Iowa – Northwestern Malting and Construction Co.

Fd 37 Iowa – Sioux Milling Co.

Fd 38 Kansas – Baker-Vawter Co.

Fd 39 Kansas – Blair Milling Co.

Fd 40 Kansas – Cummings Milling Co.

Fd 41 Kansas – Timmer, Joe

Fd 42 Kentucky – Alvey-Ferguson Co.

Fd 43 Kentucky – Donaldson Lithographic Co.

Fd 44 Kentucky – Atherton, J.M. and Co.

Fd 45 Kentucky – National Model License League

Fd 46 Kentucky – Steinau Co.

Fd 47 Louisiana – Bloom’s Son Co.

Box 33: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Maryland – Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co., The

Fd 2 Maryland – Baltimore Process Co.

Fd 3 Maryland – Crow Cork and Seal Co., The [11/1899-08/1908]

Fd 4 Maryland – Crow Cork and Seal Co., The [09/1908-08/1917]

Fd 5 Maryland – Johnson, J.P. Co., The

Fd 6 Maryland – Robinson, Wm.C., and Son Co.

Fd 7 Maryland – Stieff Co., The

Fd 8 Massachusetts – Bird, F.W. and Son

Fd 9 Massachusetts – Bird, J.A. and W., and Co.

Fd 10 Massachusetts – Boston Bottle Wiring and Labeling Co.

Fd 11 Massachusetts – Crosby Steam Gage and Valve Co.

Fd 12 Massachusetts – Economic Machinery Co.

Fd 13 Massachusetts – Gaylor, L.B.

Fd 14 Massachusetts – Gray and Davis

Fd 15 Massachusetts – Kellogg, Robert W. Co.

Fd 16 Massachusetts – Mann, F.W., Co.

Fd 17 Massachusetts – Mason Regulator Co.,The

Fd 18 Massachusetts – Rosenfield, M.C.

Box 34: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Michigan – American Tap-Bush Co.

Fd 2 Michigan – Browne-Morse Co.

Fd 3 Michigan – Burroughs Adding Machine Co.

Fd 4 Michigan – Detroit Automatic Sterilizer Co.

Fd 5 Michigan – Detroit Graphite Manufacturing Co.

Fd 6 Michigan – Detroit Steel Cooperage Co.

Fd 7 Michigan – Eaton, Theo. H., and Son

Fd 8 Michigan – First National Bank

Fd 9 Michigan – Globe Brass Works, The

Fd 10 Michigan – Good Health Publishing Co., The

Fd 11 Michigan – Grabowsky Power Wagon Co.

Fd 12 Michigan – Gray Mfg. Co.

Fd 13 Michigan – Hackley National Bank, The

Fd 14 Michigan – Henes and Keller Co.

Fd 15 Michigan – Hook, F.E.

Fd 16 Michigan – Huetteman and Cramer Co., The

Fd 17 Michigan – Jacob, M.

Fd 18 Michigan – Kellogg Food Co., The

Fd 19 Michigan – Michigan Brass and Iron Works, The

Fd 20 Michigan – Michigan Central Railroad Co.

Fd 21 Michigan – National Paint Refining Co.

Fd 22 Michigan – Standard Accident Insurance Co., The

Fd 23 Michigan – Trussed Concrete Steel Co.

Fd 24 Michigan – Universal Bottle Washer Co.

Fd 25 Michigan – Wickes Brothers

Fd 26 Minnesota – Babcock and Elmer

Fd 27 Minnesota – Brown and Bigelow

Fd 28 Minnesota – Choate, J. and Co.

Fd 29 Minnesota – Citizens State Bank

Fd 30 Minnesota – Dietze, John

Fd 31 Minnesota – Duluth Brewing and Malting Co.

Fd 32 Minnesota – Electric Malting Co.

Fd 33 Minnesota – Enderlein, Hugo

Fd 34 Minnesota – Hastings Malting Co.

Fd 35 Minnesota – Humboldt Lodge No. 24, I.O.O.F.

Fd 36 Minnesota – McConnon and Co.

Box 35: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Minnesota – Madlener, Albert Fd 2 Minnesota – Marine, Boiler, Works

Fd 3 Minnesota – Masonic Bodies

Fd 4 Minnesota – Minneapolis Malt and Grain Co.

Fd 5 Minnesota – Miracle Pressed Stone Co.

Fd 6 Minnesota – Northern Pacific Co.

Fd 7 Minnesota – Old Settlers’ Association

Fd 8 Minnesota – Pfeferkorn Bros.

Fd 9 Minnesota – Red Wind Advertising Co.

Fd 10 Minnesota – Second National Bank

Fd 11 Minnesota – Schlitz Hotel

Fd 12 Minnesota – Western Elevator Co.

Fd 13 Minnesota – White Enamel Refrigerator Co.

Fd 14 Minnesota – Winona Malting Co.

Fd 15 Missouri – American Hominy Co.

Fd 16 Missouri – American Insulating Material Manufacturing Co.

Fd 17 Missouri – Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association

Fd 18 Missouri – Atmospheric Condensation Co.

Fd 19 Missouri – August Gast Bank Note and Lithographing Co.

Fd 20 Missouri – Barnard, Geo. D., and Co.

Fd 21 Missouri – Barron, Jacob Thomas

Fd 22 Missouri – Barry-Wehmiller Machinery Co.

Fd 23 Missouri – Berry Brothers Limited

Fd 24 Missouri – Brewers Exchange

Fd 25 Missouri – Baxton and Skinner Stationery Co.

Fd 26 Missouri – Claes and Lehnbeuter Mfg. Co.

Fd 27 Missouri – Crown Cereal Co.

Fd 28 Missouri – Curtis and Co. Manufacturing Co.

Fd 29 Missouri – Dalton Adding Machine Co.

Fd 30 Missouri – Dodson, Bruce

Box 36: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Missouri – Ehlermann, Chas., Hop and Malt Co.

Fd 2 Missouri – Expanded Metal and Corrugated Bar Co.

Fd 3 Missouri – Festus Bottle Mfg. Co.

Fd 4 Missouri – Fire Insurance For Selected Classes

Fd 5 Missouri – Fisher and Davis

Fd 6 Missouri – Fritz, Geo. J., Goundry and Machine Co.

Fd 7 Missouri – Fulton Bag and Burlap Co.

Fd 8 Missouri – Garvey Fountain Brush Co.

Fd 9 Missouri – Graham Paper Co.

Fd 10 Missouri – Harris, Aldolph, and Co.

Fd 11 Missouri – Haward, [G]aeus, [F]B Co.

Fd 12 Missouri – Herf and Frerichs Chemical Co.

Fd 13 Missouri – Hill, E.B., and Bro

Fd 14 Missouri – Hoppmann, Hy.

Fd 15 Missouri – Ice Manufacturers’ Exchange

Fd 16 Missouri – Indian Rice Milling Co.

Fd 17 Missouri – Johnston Tin Foil and Metal Co., The

Fd 18 Missouri – Liquid Carbonic Acid Manufacturing Co.

Fd 19 Missouri – Mangold Stave and Cooperage Co.

Fd 20 Missouri – Messmer, Ferd., Mfg. Co.

Fd 21 Missouri – Meyer Brothers Drug Co.

Fd 22 Missouri – Meyer Supply Co.

Fd 23 Missouri – Miller Mfg. Co.

Fd 24 Missouri – Mullanphy Florists

Fd 25 Missouri – National Ammonia Co., The

Fd 26 Missouri – National Association of Manufacturers

Fd 27 Missouri – Nicholson, David

Fd 28 Missouri – Peltzman, R.

Fd 29 Missouri – Rhodes, James H., and Co.

Fd 30 Missouri – Ruemmeli-Dawley Mfg. Co., The

Fd 31 Missouri – Royal Brewing Co.

Fd 32 Missouri – St. Louis Cooperage Co.

Fd 33 Missouri – Salveter-Stewart-Lewis, Furnishing Goods Co.

Fd 34 Missouri – Sherwin-Williams Co., The

Fd 35 Missouri – Simmons Hardware Co. Inc.

Fd 36 Missouri – Stecher Cooperage Works

Fd 37 Missouri – Stein, Block and Co.

Fd 38 Missouri – Vogel, Oscar

Fd 39 Missouri – Waltke, Wm., and Co.

Fd 40 Missouri – Water Proof Boot Factory

Fd 41 Missouri – Western Refrigerator and Mfg. Co.

Fd 42 Missouri – Westheimer, Samuel, and Co.

Fd 43 Missouri – Widmann and Walsh

Box 37: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Montana – Berlin, Mike

Fd 2 Montana – Blevins, Tuck

Fd 3 Montana – Dillman, C.

Fd 4 Montana – Farmer, Z.V.

Fd 5 Montana – Finlen, The

Fd 6 Montana – Kennedy, Louis

Fd 7 Montana – Miat, The

Fd 8 Nebraska – Adcrofters, Business Strategists

Fd 9 Nebraska – Anderson, W.H.

Fd 10 Nebraska – Auh[eisen] Bus[c]h B[---]ing Co.

Fd 11 Nebraska – Beatrice Cereal Mills

Fd 12 Nebraska – Beatrice Corn Mills

Fd 13 Nebraska – Bee Publishing Co., The

Fd 14 Nebraska – Cummings, M.T., Milling Co.

Fd 15 Nebraska – Drexel Shoe Co.

Fd 16 Nebraska – Elliott, W.J.

Fd 17 Nebraska – Johnson, Ed. W.

Fd 18 Nebraska – Johnson, F.S., and Co.

Fd 19 Nebraska – Larsen-Baker Ice Machine Co.

Fd 20 Nebraska – Nebraska Carbonic Acid Gas Co.

Fd 21 Nebraska – Nebraska City Cereal Mills

Fd 22 Nebraska – Pacific Hotel Co.

Fd 23 Nebraska – State Journal Co.

Fd 24 Nebraska – Union Pacific Railraod Co.

Fd 25 Nebraska – Wells-Abbott-Nieman Co.

Fd 26 Nevada – Beal-Lyon Drug Co.

Fd 27 Nevada – Burdick [A.T. or T.A.]

Fd 28 Nevada – Clarks County

Fd 29 Nevada – Copper Club Co.

Fd 30 Nevada – Verdi Lumber Co.

Fd 31 New Jersey – Bidtel Chemical Works

Fd 32 New Jersey – Bush, W.J., and Co.

Fd 33 New Jersey – Crocker-Wheerler Co.

Fd 34 New Jersey – Rockwell Printing Co.

Box 38: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 New York – American Antiformin Co.

Fd 2 New York – American Cork Specialty Co.

Fd 3 New York – American Separator Co.

Fd 4 New York – American Telephone and Telegraph Co.

Fd 5 New York – Appleton’s Magazine

Fd 6 New York – Arabol Mfg. Co., The

Fd 7 New York – Army and Navy Magazine, The

Fd 8 New York – Ashcroft Mfg. Co., The

Fd 9 New York – Bache, J.S., and Co.

Fd 10 New York – Baer, A.S., and Son

Fd 11 New York – Bailey Engine Co.

Fd 12 New York – Becker, L.A., Co.

Fd 13 New York – Bausch and Lomb Optical Co.

Fd 14 New York – Bloch, Joseph, Inc.

Fd 15 New York – Black, H.M., and Co.

Fd 16 New York – Boyd’s City Dispatch

Fd 17 New York – Brewers Exchange and Supply Co., The

Fd 18 New York – Brewers’ Journal, The

Fd 19 New York – Brewery Equiptment and Supply Co.

Fd 20 New York – Buckley, Sam’l, and Co.

Fd 21 New York – Buffalo Forge Co.

Fd 22 New York – Buyers’ Reference Co., Inc, The

Fd 23 New York – Canton, Eugene J.

Fd 24 New York – Colgan, John B.

Fd 25 New York – Consolidated Engine-Stop Co.

Fd 26 New York – Co-Operative Building Plan Ass’n

Fd 27 New York – Corn Products Refining Co.

Fd 28 New York – Creighton, H.H.

Fd 29 New York – Cyclone Grate Bar Co., The

Fd 30 New York – Day, Robert G., Co., The

Fd 31 New York – DeLaVergne Refrigeration Machine Co.

Fd 32 New York – Doyle, Henry, Co.

Fd 33 New York – Dukas, J., and Co.

Fd 34 New York – Economy Cooler Co.

Box 39: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 New York – Ermold, Edward

Fd 2 New York – Ehret, George, Jr.

Fd 3 New York – Elkington, F.W.

Fd 4 New York – Equitable Life Assurance Sodiety of the United States

Fd 5 New York – Farbenfabriken of Elberfeld Co.

Fd 6 New York – Farrell, William J.

Fd 7 New York – Felber, C.A., Co., The

Fd 8 New York – Fowler, E.W., Co., The

Fd 9 New York – Fuerst Bros. and Co.

Fd 10 New York – Gair, Robert Co.

Fd 11 New York – Gerhardt, C.

Fd 12 New York – German American Filter Co.

Fd 13 New York – Gill, C.E.

Fd 14 New York – Goldschmidt Thermit Co.

Fd 15 New York – Gough, Richard, and Co.

Fd 16 New York – Freen, Chas., Son, Brainard and Co.

Fd 17 New York – Grohs, Charles V.

Fd 18 New York – Grosselfinger, Geo.

Fd 19 New York – Guaranty Trust Company of New York

Fd 20 New York – Gutermann, M. Sons

Fd 21 New York – Gutmann, Ferdinand and Co.

Fd 22 New York – Held, A.

Fd 23 New York – Holmes, E. and B., Machinery Co.

Fd 24 New York – Howes, S. Co., Inc., The

Fd 25 New York – Huntley Mfg. Co.

Fd 26 New York – India Rubber World, The

Fd 27 New York – Industrial Water Co.

Fd 28 New York – Johns-Manville, H.W., Co.

Fd 29 New York – Johonnot, Geo. B,

Fd 30 New York –Kaestner and Hecht Company

Fd 31 New York – Kaufmann and Strauss Co.

Fd 32 New York – Keystone Chemical Mfg. Company

Fd 33 New York – Kline, N.S.

Fd 34 New York – Lincoln Farm Association

Fd 35 New York – Mack and Company

Fd 36 New York – Merchant’s Assocation of New York

Fd 37 New York – Morris and Schrader

Fd 38 New York – Mundet, L. and Sons

Box 40: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 New York-National Assocation oF Credit Men

Fd 2 New York-National Assocation of Manufacturers

Fd 3 New York-National Bottlers’ Gazette

Fd 4 New York-Newburgh Ice and Engine Company

Fd 5 New York-New York Hop Extract Works

Fd 6 New York-New York Life Insurance Co.

Fd 7 New York-New York Malt Roasting Co.

Fd 8 New York-N.Y. Mercury

Fd 9 New York-New York Metal Ceiling Co.

Fd 10 New York-Peoples Library Company

Fd 11 New York-Pfaudler Co.

Fd 12 New York-Pfaudler Vacuum Fermation Company

Fd 13 New York-William B. Pierce Co.

Fd 14 New York-Power Publishing Co.

Fd 15 New York-Robesen Cutlery Co.

Fd 16 New York-Ronald Press Co.

Fd 17 New York-Rochester Bunging Apparatus Company

Fd 18 New York-Rock Blasting Mat and Rope Co.

Fd 19 New York-Ruhl, Edward

Fd 20 New York-Roycroft Fraternity

Fd 21 New York-Ruppert, Jacob, Jr.

Fd 22 New York-Ryede Specialty Works

Fd 23 New York-Schieren, Chas. A and Co.

Fd 24 New York-Schneible, Joseph Company

Fd 25 New York-Schock, Gustav and Son

Fd 26 New York- Sealtite Stopper and Machine Co.

Fd 27 New York-Selg, Otto

Fd 28 New York-Solar, J.A., Del

Fd 29 New York-Stewart Heater Company

Fd 30 New York-Taber Pump Co.

Fd 31 New York-Taylor Brothers Company

Fd 32 New York-Taylor Instrument Companies

Fd 33 New York-Thomas Publishing Co.

Fd 34 New York-Toch Brothers

Fd 35 New York-Torchiani, H.

Fd 36 New York-United States Brewers’ Academy

Fd 37 New York-United States Brewers’ Association

Fd 38 New York-Waterbury Rope Company

Fd 39 New York-Williamson, D.D. and Co.

Fd 40 New York-Wittemann Brothers

Fd 41 New York-Wittemann Company

Fd 42 New York-Worthington, Henry R.

Fd 43 New York-Yawman and Erbe Mfg. Co.

Fd 44 New York-Zoller, Charles and Co.

Box 41: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 North Dakota- Northern Pacific Railway Company

Fd 2 Ohio- A. Fisher Brewing Co.

Fd 3 Ohio- Acme Sign Printing Co.

Fd 4 Ohio-Acorn Refining Co.

Fd 5 Ohio-Akron Metallic Gasket Co.

Fd 6 Ohio-American Bung Mfg.

Fd 7 Ohio-American Express Co.

Fd 8 Ohio-American Steel Package Co.

Fd 9 Ohio-Arctic Ice Machine Co.

Fd 10 Ohio-Arctic Machine Co.

Fd 11 Ohio-Arlington Manufacturing Co.

Fd 12 Ohio-Bishop and Babcock Co.

Fd 13 Ohio-British-American Co.

Fd 14 Ohio-Burt Mfg. Co.

Fd 15 Ohio-Cherry = Cheer Company

Fd 16 Ohio-Cincinnati Bung-Bush Co.

Fd 17 Ohio-Cincinnati Cooperage Co.

Fd 18 Ohio-Cleveland Armature Works

Fd 19 Ohio-Cleveland Bunging Apparatus Co.

Fd 20 Ohio-Cleveland Faucet Co.

Fd 21 Ohio-Cochran Company

Fd 22 Ohio-Coshocton Glass Co.

Fd 23 Ohio-Cramer, Joseph

Fd 24 Ohio-Deckebach, F.C. and Sons Co.

Fd 25 Ohio-Dunstan Stench Trap Mfg. Co.

Fd 26 Ohio-Eureka Machine Co.

Fd 27 Ohio-Evans, C.W. Steel and Iron Co.

Fd 28 Ohio-Federal Graphite Mills

Fd 29 Ohio-Goheen Manufacturing Company

Fd 30 Ohio-Globe Register Co.

Fd 31 Ohio-Goodrich, B.F.

Fd 32 Ohio-Hinde and Dauch Paper Co.

Fd 33 Ohio-Hoppes Mfg. Co.

Fd 34 Ohio-Igelstroem, John, Sign and Label Co.

Fd 35 Ohio-Jeffrey Manufacturing Co.

Fd 36 Ohio-Kiefer, Karl Machine Co.

Fd 37 Ohio-Loew Filter Co.

Fd 38 Ohio-Loew Manufacturing Co.

Fd 39 Ohio-Loew Supply and Mfg Co.

Box 42: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Ohio-Lunkenheimer Co.

Fd 2 Ohio-Mosaic Tile Co.

Fd 3 Ohio-National Paper Co.

Fd 4 Ohio-National Sign Co.

Fd 5 Ohio-Nixon and Costello Co.

Fd 6 Ohio-Obermayer, S. Co

Fd 7 Ohio-Ohio Galvanizing and Mfg Co.

Fd 8 Ohio-Oram, John S. Barrel Machinery

Fd 9 Ohio-Phonograph Co.

Fd 10 Ohio-Post, Alfred H. and Co.

Fd 11 Ohio-Reliance Guage Column Co.

Fd 12 Ohio-Rheinstrom Bros.

Fd 13 Ohio-Robertson, W. F.., Steel and Iron Co.

Fd 14 Ohio-Russ, A.E. Co.

Fd 15 Ohio-Scitto Sign Co.

Fd 16 Ohio-Shiers, J. Aruthr, Supply Co.

Fd 17 Ohio-Star Lubricating Oil Co.

Fd 18 Ohio-Toledo Bushing Company

Fd 19 Ohio-Tower Mfg. Co.

Fd 20 Ohio-Triumph Ice Machine Co.

Fd 21 Ohio-Tuchfarber Co.

Fd 22 Oregon-Antlers Hotel

Fd 23 Oregon-Barreigner, C.A.

Fd 24 Oregon-Berkeley, C.C.

Fd 25 Oregon-Blue Mountain Co.

Fd 26 Oregon-Bohn, W.G.

Fd 27 Oregon-Carbolineum Wood Preserving Co.

Fd 28 Oregon-Club La Grande

Fd 29 Oregon-Dose and Livesley

Fd 30 Oregon-Hall, Geo. T and Son

Fd 31 Oregon-Horst, Paul R.G. and Lachmund Co.

Fd 32 Oregon-Juntura Drug Company

Fd 33 Oregon-Kerr, Gifford and Co.

Fd 34 Oregon-Livesley, T.A. and Co.

Fd 35 Oregon-McNeff Brothers

Fd 36 Oregon-Miller, H. J.

Fd 37 Oregon-Mishler and Gribble

Fd 38 Oregon-Mt. Scott Lumber Co.

Fd 39 Oregon-Pastime Pool and Billiard Hall

Fd 40 Oregon- The Portland

Fd 41 Oregon-Portland Milling Co.

Fd 42 Oregon-Portland Trust Company of Oregon

Fd 43 Oregon-Turner, B.

Fd 44 Oregon-Weinhard, H. Brg. Co.

Fd 45 Oregon-Wilson, J.

Fd 46 Oregon-Winchester Brothers

Fd 47 Pennsylvania-The Ammonia Co.

Fd 48 Pennsylvania-Anchor Packing Co.

Fd 49 Pennsylvania-Armstrong Cork Co.

Fd 50 Pennsylvania-Baeder, Adamson, and Co.

Fd 51 Pennsylvania-Beverage Trade News

Fd 52 Pennsylvania-Community Rubber Co.

Fd 53 Pennsylvania-Geo. W. Lord Company

Fd 54 Pennsylvania-The John Baizley Iron Works

Fd 55 Pennsylvania-Henry Bower Chemical Mfg. Co.

Fd 56 Pennsylvania-D. P. Brown and Co.

Fd 57 Pennsylvania-Carbondale Calcium Co.

Fd 58 Pennsylvania-Carbdondale Machine Co.

Fd 59 Pennsylvania-Community Rubber Co.

Fd 60 Pennsylvania-Cunningham Mfg.

Fd 61 Pennsylvania-Davis Mfg. Co.

Box 43: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Pennsylvania-Curtiss Process

Fd 2 Pennsylvania-Dawes Mfg. Co.

Fd 3 Pennsylvania-D.S. Erb and Co.

Fd 4 Pennsylvania-Fidelity Glass Co.

Fd 5 Pennsylvania-Frick Co.

Fd 6 Pennsylvania-Gorgas- Pierie Mfg. Co.

Fd 7 Pennsylvania-Julius C. Helb Bottling Works

Fd 8 Pennsylvania-International Correspondence Schools

Fd 9 Pennsylvania-Jas. F. Murphy Co. Limited

Fd 10 Pennsylvania-Keystone Lubricating Co.

Fd 11 Pennsylvania-George. W. Lord Co.

Fd 12 Pennsylvania-McKenna Bros. Brass Co.

Fd 13 Pennsylvania-Pennsylvania Co.

Fd 14 Pennsylvania-Pennsylvania Electrical and Railway Supply Co.

Fd 15 Pennsylvania-Pennsylvania State Brewers Association

Fd 16 Pennsylvania-Pennsylvania Railroad Co.

Fd 17 Pennsylvania-Pittsburg Aluminum Co.

Fd 18 Pennsylvania-Quaker City Rubber Co.

Fd 19 Pennsylvania-Riter-Conley Mfg. Co.

Fd 20 Pennsylvania- S.S. Wenzell Machine Co.

Fd 21 Pennsylvania-W.M.B. Scaife and Sons Co.

Fd 22 Pennsylvania-Stevenson Co.

Fd 23 Pennsylvania- Tech Sign and Deco Co.

Fd 24 Pennsylvania-Universal Machine Mfg. Co.

Fd 25 Pennsylvania- Watson and McDaniel Co.

Fd 26 Pennsylvania-Wolf and Co.

Fd 27 Pennsylvania-York Mfg. Co. of York, PA

Fd 28 South Carolina-Geo. R. Fishburne

Fd 29 Tennessee-Chattanooga Brewing Co.

Fd 30 Tennessee-Memphis Brewing and Malting Co.

Box 44: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Utah-Allen Transfer Co.

Fd 2 Utah-Amalgamated Sugar Co.

Fd 3 Utah-American Express Co.

Fd 4 Utah-American Linen Supply Co.

Fd 5 Utah-Anderson, Robert

Fd 6 Utah-Babcock, Elmer

Fd 7 Utah-Becker Brewing and Malting Co.

Fd 8 Utah-Becker Brewing and Malting Co. (Bingham, Utah)

Fd 9 Utah-Becker- Empty Keg Return Forms

Fd 10 Utah-Becker- Ice Department

Fd 11 Utah-Becker- Monthly Statements

Fd 12 Utah-Becker- Miscellaneous Papers

Fd 13 Utah-Becker, Gus

Fd 14 Utah-Bird, J.A. and W.

Fd 15 Utah-Born and Ens

Fd 16 Utah-Brown Ice Cream

Fd 17 Utah-Brown, T. G.

Fd 18 Utah-Browning Bros. Co.

Fd 19 Utah-Browning Automobile and Supply Co.

Fd 20 Utah-Bybee, B.L.

Fd 21 Utah-Brainard and Ritter

Fd 22 Utah-Bromley, M.J.

Fd 23 Utah-Busch and Co.

Fd 24 Utah-C.A. Smurthwaite Produce Co.

Fd 25 Utah-Cahoon- Maxfield Irrigation Co.

Fd 26 Utah-Chevers, W.H. Agent

Fd 27 Utah-Chicago and North-Western Railway Co.

Fd 28 Utah-Mr. Joseph Clark

Fd 29 Utah-Cleveland Commission Co.

Fd 30 Utah-Cornforth, C.F.

Fd 31 Utah-Crane Co.

Fd 32 Utah-C.W. Cross Co.

Fd 33 Utah-Earnest Panieri Bakery

Fd 34 Utah-Elggren Brothers and Co.

Fd 35 Utah-Eureka Hotel

Fd 36 Utah-First National Bank of Ogden

Fd 37 Utah-A. Fisher Brewing Co.

Fd 38 Utah-J.R.E. Fuller

Fd 39 Utah-Gerding Ice Cream Co.

Fd 40 Utah-Glee Club Saloon

Fd 41 Utah-W.C. Hendric Rubber Co.

Fd 42 Utah-Gus J. Henriod

Fd 43 Utah-R. S. Hines, Palace Drug Store

Fd 44 Utah-Sam Holland

Fd 45 Utah-John Hopkin

Fd 46 Utah-Idlewild Resort Hotel Co.

Fd 47 Utah-H. Johnson

Fd 48 Utah-Jones, E.H.

Fd 49 Utah-Office of the County Treasurer of Juab County, Utah

Fd 50 Utah-Keely’s

Fd 51 Utah-Lourhvoell, Jn. and Somhwell and Anderson

Fd 52 Utah-M?, John

Fd 53 Utah-MacMillan, J.N.

Fd 54 Utah-Madlener, Elsa

Fd 55 Utah-Manufacturers and Business Men’s Association of Utah

Fd 56 Utah-Missouri Pacific Railway Co.

Fd 57 Utah-Nelson and Jacobsen

Fd 58 Utah-Ogden City Ice Co.

Box 45: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Utah-Ogden Iron Works Co.

Fd 2 Utah-E.A. Olson

Fd 3 Utah-Oram, John L.

Fd 4 Utah-Oregon Short Line Railroad Co.

Fd 5 Utah-Chas. Passow and Sons

Fd 6 Utah-J.P. Paulson

Fd 7 Utah-Pearson, Ben

Fd 8 Utah-Pehrson, Willard

Fd 9 Utah-Geo. F. Perkins and Co.

Fd 10 Utah-P.M. Payne and Co.

Fd 11 Utah-Price, George

Fd 12 Utah-Rainbow Cafe

Fd 13 Utah-Raigh, J.A.

Fd 14 Utah-Reed Hotel

Fd 15 Utah-Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Co.

Fd 16 Utah-Rosenberg Company

Fd 17 Utah-Salt Lake Automobile Club

Fd 18 Utah-Salt Lake High School

Fd 19 Utah-Share Certificates, stubs

Fd 20 Utah-Scudder, W.A., agent

Fd 21 Utah-The Semloh

Fd 22 Utah-Salt Lake Herald

Fd 23 Utah-Shellhas Brewing Co.

Fd 24 Utah-Smith, Isaac

Fd 25 Utah-Steve’s Office Supply

Fd 26 Utah-Swan and Co.

Fd 27 Utah-Terry, J.P/

Fd 28 Utah-Traveling Salesman’s Expense Account

Fd 29 Utah-Utah Lithographing Co.

Fd 30 Utah-Utah Store Fixture Co.

Fd 31 Utah-Utah Products Day

Fd 32 Utah-Vaughan and Price

Fd 33 Utah-Vignetto, R.B.

Fd 34 Utah-Wedell, W.B.

Fd 35 Utah-Wilson Bros.

Fd 36 Utah-Vicks, Chas.

Fd 37 Utah-White, W. R. (Attorney at Law)

Box 46: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Washington-Mr. R.E. Allen

Fd 2 Washington-Geo. B. Baker

Fd 3 Washington-Bayside Iron Works

Fd 4 Washington-Chicago-Junk Co.

Fd 5 Washington-Eastman James Co.

Fd 6 Washington-McNeff Brothers

Fd 7 Washington-Northwestern Gas and Electric Co.

Fd 8 Washington-Pacific Malting and Brewing Co.

Fd 9 Washington-Pacific Coast Hops

Fd 10 Washington-S. Ramsey and Co.

Fd 11 Washington-Seattle Sporting Goods Co.

Fd 12 Washington-Sportsman Association of the Northwest

Fd 13 Washington D.C.-Act of Congress

Fd 14 Washington D.C.-The Army Navy Magazine

Fd 15 Washington D.C.-H.C. Evert and Co.

Fd 16 Washington D.C.-The Fisk Tire Co.

Fd 17 Washington D.C.-The Mayflower

Fd 18 Washington D.C.-National Educational Bureau

Fd 19 Washington D.C.-Parker-Brawner Co.

Fd 20 Washington D.C.-Treasury Department

Fd 21 Wisconsin-Charles Abresch Co.

Fd 22 Wisconsin-Advance Car Mover Co.

Fd 23 Wisconsin-Aluminum Sign Co.

Fd 24 Wisconsin-American Machinery and Construction Co.

Fd 25 Wisconsin-American Malting Co.

Fd 26 Wisconsin-Bambach Reichel and Co.

Fd 27 Wisconsin-Biersach Mfg. Co.

Fd 28 Wisconsin-Geo. Challoner’s Sons Co

Fd 28a .Wisconsin-T.A. Chapman Co.

Fd 29 Wisconsin- Crown Cigar Co.

Fd 30 Wisconsin-James Dailey

Fd 31 Wisconsin-Eagle Lye Works

Fd 32 Wisconsin-Fisher Chemical Cleaning Works

Fd 33 Wisconsin-Galland-Henning Pneumtic Malting Drum Mfg Co.

Fd 34 Wisconsin-Phillip Goerres Cooperage Co.

Fd 35 Wisconsin-Gugler Lithographic Co.

Fd 36 Wisconsin-John Gund Brewing Co.

Fd 37 Wisconsin-Hantke’s Brewers

Fd 38 Wisconsin-H.W. Johns- Manville Co.

Fd 39 Wisconsin-E.P. Jones and Bros

Box 47: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 Wisconsin-Fred Ketter, Cooperage Fd 2 Wisconsin-Charles L. Kiewert Co.

Fd 3 Wisconsin-La Crosse Copper Works

Fd 4 Wisconsin-Liquid Carbonic Acid Mfg. Co.

Fd 5 Wisconsin-B. Loewenbach and Sons

Fd 6 Wisconsin-Gustav Martini

Fd 7 Wisconsin-Milwaukee Brewing Academy

Fd 8 Wisconsin-Milwaukee Commercial Importing Co.

Fd 9 Wisconsin-Milwaukee National Bank

Fd 10 Wisconsin-North Western Lithographic Co.

Fd 11 Wisconsin-Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Fd 12 Wisconsin-Pabst Brewing Co.

Fd 13 Wisconsin-Philipp-Schulz Litho. Co.

Fd 14 Wisconsin-The Prinz and Rau Mfg. Co.

Fd 15 Wisconsin-The William Rahr Son’s Co.

Fd 16 Wisconsin-Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.

Fd 17 Wisconsin-Charles Stolper Cooperage Co.

Fd 18 Wisconsin-Otto F. Toepfer

Fd 19 Wisconsin-Union Fibre Co.

Fd 20 Wisconsin-Vilter Mfg. Co.

Fd 21 Wisconsin-A.R. Wiens Brush Co.

Fd 22 Wisconsin-Wilmanns Brothers Co.

Fd 23 Wisconsin-Wittemann Brothers Co.

Fd 24 Wisconsin-The 20th Century Machinery Co.

Fd 25 Wyoming-Becker Brewing and Malting Co.

Fd 26 Wyoming-The Oak Liquor Co.

Fd 27 Wyoming-A.B. Scruggs

Fd 28 Austria-Epstein, Mendel, and Grube

Fd 29 France-F. Comar and Fils and Cie.

Fd 30 Italy-Scuola di Musica E Canto

Box 48: Correspondence/Receipts

Fd 1 American District Telegraph Co.

Fd 2 American Express Co.

Fd 3 American Linen Supply Co.

Fd 4 Mr. P.A. Chilton

Fd 5 B.P. Chitchlow

Fd 6 Consolidated Wagon and Machine Co.

Fd 7 Crystal Soda Water Co.

Fd 8 The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Co.

Fd 9 Charles Ehlermann Hop and Malt Co.

Fd 10 Goetz and Flodin Mfg. Co.

Fd 11 J. Jaconson and Co.

Fd 12 F.S. Johnson and Co.

Fd 13 Keeley’s Cafe

Fd 14 Chas. L. Kiewert Co.

Fd 15 Mr. McFarland, Archibald

Fd 16 New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Co.

Fd 17 Pacific Express Co.

Fd 18 Pennsylvannia Railroad Co.

Fd 19 Post Office Department

Fd 20 Southern Pacific Railroad

Fd 21 The Railway Journal

Fd 22 Joseph Rizzi

Fd 23 The Stacy-Trent

Fd 24 Union Pacific Railroad Co.

Fd 25 Universal Machine Mfg Co.

Fd 26 Miscellaneous- Photographs

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